Our Mission


Mission 1

Empower people with literacy / education as a way to improve their social and economic condition.

Mission 2

Fight violence within dangerous communities by teaching the population a better alternative: Civility.

Mission 3

Educate the Youth in order to orient them away from delinquency.

Mission 4

Foster within the Youth a genuine affinity for learning through fun and educational programs via “The Learn and Play” Initiative (i-LAP).

Mission 5

Train and support local educators in order to sustain The LAP Project in the long term.

Mission 6

Promote social and political civility by teaching civil values within our literacy/educational programs.

Mission 7

Promote and support the mental and physical well-being of all participants.

Mission 8

Provide the Population with a literary refuge–The LAP Institute–to escape violence within the community.

Mission 9

Fight poverty and violence at its core–the Mind–by fostering civism and promoting Civic Engagement.

Mission 10

Recruit altruistic individuals to volunteer and engage in The LAP Project.

Mission 11

Partner with and support other Organizations that do not contradict The LAP Mission.

Mission 12

Contribute toward making communities, countries, and ultimately the World a more civil, safer place.



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